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On the 2nd floor, five exhibitions are arranged under the subject of the constituent and structure of the Earth and the history of the Earth and life. Specimens of meteorites, rocks, strata, and fossils are displayed here. Geological outline and history of Akita can be also learned by abundant rocks and fossils from locations in Akita.

Exhibition of meteorite
An orbicular Granites

3D images

Enlarge, rotate, make cross sections, view interior using mouse.

“Dynamics of the Earth”: Plate setting, distribution of hypocenters, active faults and volcanoes around Japan.
“X-ray CT image of rocks and fossils”: Observation of microfossils and internal structures of rocks.
A specimen of the Burgess fauna Marrella splendens
An invertebrate fossil assembly found in the Burgess Shale in Canada, which represent rapidity of the "Cambrian explosion of life”.
Devonian fossil crinoids from Morocco Scyphocrinites elegans

Ammonoid fossil collections

Numbers of ammonoid fossils with various sizes and shapes collected from the Cretaceous system in the Hokkaido, Sakhalin and Andes Ranges are displayed, among which there is the holotype of a new species.

The holotype of an ammonoid from the Hokkaido Pseudokossamaticeras yagii

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